How to add numeric pagination number in wordpress theme

How to add numeric pagination number in wordpress theme
August 18, 2016 Online Web Idea

Many WordPress theme shows posts pagination links by adding “Older posts” and “Newer posts” buttons at the bottom of the page, but you can add numeric pagination in your WordPress theme. We also recommended numeric pagination because its user-friendly, SEO friendly and cool way to show your WordPress theme posts.

Many people like to show pagination in their WordPress posts, which looks very attractive especially in WordPress blogs. So by default, if your theme is not showing numeric pagination then you can add numeric pagination just by following some simple tricks.

The main goal is to replace the default pagination functionality with “Numeric pagination” functionality.

Where Pagination Lies

WordPress pagination settings can be change manually from WordPress admin dashboard. for this you need to go to Settings > Reading then you will see all pagination options. from here you can setup the basic formatting of your posts.

wordpress reading Blog pages show at most

The important thing to which you need to pay some attention is “Blog pages show at most“. This tells WordPress how many posts is going to show per page. you can fill there any no. like 10, 12, 15 etc. Just click on save changes and when you visit your post (blog) page then you will see same no. of posts per page over there.


Adding Numeric pagination by using WordPress plugin

If you are not a coding lover, and you are looking for a simple effective plugin which can show numeric pagination in WordPress theme, then you can use these free cool plugins:


1) WP-PageNavi

By using WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin you can add numeric pagination to your WordPress website easily. let’s begin with installing the plugin, activate WP-PageNavi plugin then go to setting >> WP-PageNavi to configure and setup the plugin.


There you can customize plugin according to your need, like if you want to change “text for no. of pages”, “text for the previous page”, “text for next page”, “text for current page” etc. then you can configure them. You can also make some CSS changes here.

The plugin provides wp_pagenavi() template tag.

you can show your visitors numeric pagination in less then 2 minutes by using this useful free plugin.


2) WP PageNavi Style

Just install and activate WP-PageNavi WordPress plugin. Go to “PageNavi Style” plugin setting page.

WP-PageNavi -style-wordpress-plugin

You can select an existing style of plugin OR you can select custom CSS option from the dropdown and you can add your own StyleSheet like heading color, background color, link color, font size etc. You can also set the alignment of your pagination.


3) WP-Paginate

WP-Paginate is simple and effective pagination plugin. Install and activate the plugin, after activating the plugin just go to Setting >> WP-Paginate option where you can configure the plugin according to your requirement.


On plugin setting page you can set pagination label of the next and previous page, CSS etc.



You always have to keep walking with the world. this is how you can survive. that’s important. you have to accept and learn new things and get knowledge of new trends. lots of well-established websites are using numeric pagination to make their website user-friendly.

So instead of using “Older posts” and “Newer posts” Links in your WordPress theme you can use attractive numeric pagination in your WordPress website which is a popular way. You can follow above steps and you can show numeric pagination with WordPress plugin. Now, do you like the numeric pagination? And you want to show them in your WordPress website, please let us know in the comment section, over to you.



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