How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Minutes

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Minutes
January 28, 2017 Online Web Idea
How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Minutes

We all know that facebook is one of the best social media which is used by approximately 829 million people every day.

You can create an account for free and get connected with your friends, family; relative’s etc. facebook provides lots of features which are very useful to everyone.

If you have an online or offline business you can promote your business for free on facebook. Yes, that’s true. You can create your facebook page and get connected with thousands of other facebook users.

Honestly, you are doing the biggest mistake if you own a business and not promoting it on facebook. Facebook is powerful social media platform which can definitely boost your sale and business.

So let’s get started.


How to Create a Facebook Business Page

You should have a facebook account before creating a facebook page. If you do have a facebook account just follow the procedure:-

  1. Simply go to
  2. This page will show you 6 different categories (images)
  3. Now you can choose one category which best suited your business.



Local Business or place: if you do have a local shop or business you cal select this one. After selecting the category to fill out all needed information like business category, address, phone no. etc. and just setup the page.

Company, Organisation or Institution: if you run a company, or if you do have an institute then you can choose this category. Fill out information like company name, category etc and setup the page further.

Brand or product: if you want to make a product page or a brand page then choose this category. You need to enter further details like Brand or product name etc.

Artist, Band or Public Figure: if you need to make a celebrity page, actor page, sportsman page then selects this category. You need to enter further details of birth date, biography, gender etc.

Entertainment: if you want to create a book related information page, movie or tv related page, songs page then just select this one. Enter further details like about page, release date etc.

Cause or Community: in this, you can create a cause or community page and you can share them as well. Don’t forget to add further details like cause type, description, cause groups etc.


So I think, you have already understood the reason of selecting the category. You may change page category anytime so don’t hesitate to choose any category.

How to Create a Facebook Blog Page

Step1: Go to

Step2: In third category Brand or product choose website


Step3: Enter your page name and click on Get Started


Step4: Congratulations! Your blog page is successfully created. Now you can enter further details like page short description, cover photo, profile picture etc.


Now you can see there are some buttons already placed just above cover photo. These are Like, Follow and More. So that anyone can like the page, follow the page and invite other facebook friends to like this page.

Also in this page, you can see page visitors. means how many people are reaching to your page.

There is a link under More which says “View Insights”, just click on the link and it will take you to page summary. There you can see your page views, page likes, and post engagements, page actions etc. you can keep track of all these information.

As a facebook profile user, you can also invite your facebook friends to like and share your page. And you can also add your website URL on this facebook page.


Final Thought

We all know social media are best platforms to promote your business and your products. Lots of people are taking high advantage of facebook and promoting their products on facebook. They are getting better sales and more customers from this platform.

If you have a facebook page that’s great!

But if you don’t have a facebook page, don’t waste your time. Just create one as soon as possible.

You can ask me questions related to the facebook page, I will more than happy to get back.



  1. Andrea 10 months ago

    I will like to create a new webpage on Fb but I also don’t want anyone to use my web name. I want a title to it. How would I do this all for free

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