What is Quora & Why You Should Start Taking this Seriously

What is Quora & Why You Should Start Taking this Seriously
June 18, 2017 Online Web Idea

Quora is basically a question & answer website in which some users ask their questions and other answer them. On Quora, anyone can ask their questions and anyone can give the answer.

Quora was co-founded in 2009 by Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Quora is a mega website which gets around 100 million monthly visitors. That’s huge. Right!

The Basics of Quora

Your profile

Just create a profile in Quora. After successfully registration you can manage your profile. You can add a short description about yourself. You can add your Quora profile picture. You can add your professional information as well.

You can also connect your Facebook account with Quora so that you can find and connect your Facebook friends on Quora (if they are also using Quora). You can also follow other Quora users.

Quora Topics

There are thousands of topics you can read about.


You can find your interested topics and follow them simply. You can click on “Discover new topics” or you can also search for your interested topics, as simple as that.

What are some Benefits of using Quora?

Quora means independence. I personally use Quora and found it very cool. I always feel very proud and happy which hanging out in Quora.

Here is the list what makes it unique and better website from others:-

Best question and answer platform

Quora is the best question and answer platform in which anyone can post their questions and others answer them. As a user, you can ask any type of question. You can ask technology related questions, health related questions, mind related questions, website related questions, Food-related questions and much more. You will never get bored with this awesome site.

Use Quora to boost your website traffic

Quora can help you boost your website traffic. A search engine like Google and Bing also shows Quora results on first search position.

You just need to build a good reputation. The more followers you have the more reputation you will get.
You can add your external links. You can add your website link (external link) in Quora questions, answers and even on your Quora profile.

Quora means independence

questions-and-answers website quora

Quora will surely make you happy.

Quora is an independent question and answers platform in which you can ask any type of question just make sure it does not break the rules and regulation of this platform.

Use Quora to promote your services

You run a business then promote it on Quora. Do you offer services like website design, freelance writing, link building, SEO, Social media optimization, WordPress development etc? If so, then Quora can help you in this.

For example:
Let’s say, you offer WordPress design and development services. Then you need to answer some questions related to WordPress design and development.

Always try to write a bit longer answer and describe your answer well. And you can also add your website external link at the end of the answer. That’s it. If you describe your answers well your answers can get viral (with lots of views) and chances will increase that more people will click on your website external link. So, you can promote your business on Quora.

Some others use of Quora

There are lots of others benefits of Quora. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to write some high-quality answers. Some others benefits are-

  1. You can promote your mobile application.
  2. You can use Quora to help to get more views on your youtube videos and channel.
  3. Use Quora for getting more social shares and mentions.


If you are a Quora user then I think you are already in love with this site like me. But if you haven’t used Quora yet, then go now and create an account now. Enjoy this awesome mega website then come back here and share your thoughts.
We are waiting for your thoughts.

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