What is wordpress? Is it free to use? What are the Main Features and Facts of wordpress.

What is wordpress? Is it free to use? What are the Main Features and Facts of wordpress.
April 19, 2016 Online Web Idea

The questions asked by lots of users “why I should use WordPress?” or “does WordPress is free to use?”, “what are the main features and facts of WordPress?”

Then we can say that WordPress is one of the best content management system today, lots of people are using WordPress on their website or blog, in fact, the truth is 74.6 Million websites depend on WordPress Today. Let’s discuss a little bit more about this awesome content management system.


What is wordpress?

what is wordpress

WordPress is a very big name in the web world, WordPress is on top of the list of all CMS means it has become no.1 (the leading content management system) CMS in the world.

The main part of this awesome software is that WordPress is very easy to use and maintain. You only need some basic knowledge of WordPress to create your very first WordPress website.

By using WordPress you can create many types of websites like:

  • Simple blog or personal use website
  • Business website(s)
  • E-commerce website (Online sell anything you want)
  • Business directory website
  • Social networking website
  • Coupon website
  • Multilingual website
  • Niche affiliate website
  • School and colleague website or blog
  • Photography website etc.

Today, Lots of people are earning big money from WordPress, by creating WordPress paid theme, paid plugins etc.

Is WordPress free to use?

WordPress is released under GPL (General public license), so you are free to use it, modify it according to requirement and redistribute it,

But WordPress is not copyright free, according to GPL (General public license) you can use or modify WordPress, but each contribution that has made to WordPress is copyrighted.

Some Very Interesting Facts about WordPress (that you will love to know):

wordpress interesting facts

WordPress is the main software behind lots of website and blog, including this blog which you are reading, this software provides all, in a way to build an outstanding website or blog. Yes there are some cool and interesting facts of WordPress and these are:

1) Leading Content Management System:

WordPress is leading CMS (content management system) in the world, obviously, there is much other content management system available on the internet, like Drupal, Joomla, Expression Engine, Text pattern, Silver tripe etc. but I love WordPress and only recommended WordPress.

2) Most Trustable CMS in the world:

Today approx. 23% of websites are built on WordPress,   according to a recent survey, approx. 74,652,000 websites are built upon WordPress, Which makes it most trustable CMS in the world.

3) Translated in 40 Different Languages:

Yes this is right, WordPress has been translated into 40 different languages till today’s date, so if English is not your proffered language, don’t worry you can use WordPress in Dutch, French etc.

4) WordPress powers some biggest brands across the world:

Many biggest brands like, coca-cola, eBay, Best Buy, Sony, McDonald’s are using WordPress CMS to establish their online presence.

5) Thousands of theme and plugins are available:

When you are creating your WordPress blog or website, You can choose from more than 28,000 available WordPress themes, and plugins to enhance your website looks and functionality, All you need is just download your theme, then customized it according  to you.

So there is no doubt in WordPress capability, if you think WordPress can do a lot from this, then share your thoughts in comments section.



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